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Collaboration is essential

We partner with professionals within the maritime industry to expand our knowledge base. We believe that innovation and knowledge sharing strengthen the industry, we are proud to offer our clients the benefits of that collaboration.

Porject management

Maritime Battery Forum - Syb Ten Cate Hoedemaker

Syb ten Cate Hoedemaker performed research on marine battery systems at Damen Shipyards, where he has been employed as a battery specialist within the R&D department. 

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Command F - Fer Tummers

Command F provides consulting, coaching, training and interim management for project-driven companies, mainly in the maritime and offshore sector. The founder and owner, Fer Tummers, has broad experience in the international naval industry.

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Renee Northern

Renee Northern came to Co-Waves as a project support specialist to assist in the launch of Co-Waves Americas. Her work experience includes many years in leadership as both a site manager in the tech industry and as a personnel manager, leading teams as large as 90+ with direct responsibility for their growth and development. Renee is passionate about client relationships and always works toward cooperation and equitable partnerships.

Britt Staal

Britt Staal is administrative support for Co-Waves Netherlands.  She studied nursing at Hogeschool Leiden and has worked as a student tutor for high school students. Her leadership qualities and courteous nature bring strength and connection to the office staff.  

Max Mylanus

Max Mylanus is project support for Co-Waves Netherlands.  He is a determined, communicative team player who uses technology and collaboration to successfully drive initiatives. In 2019 Max started a successful catering business while attending the Technical University of Delft, focusing on a BSc in civil engineering. He came to Co-Waves in 2021 and is experienced in project planning and execution, budget allocation, and management.

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